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The Demirdjian Group developed several real estate properties all over Lebanon. Most of their projects are solely owned by the group.

Demco Properties has been investing substantially in the Lebanese real estate market since 2010.
Our portfolio includes five projects valued at $610 million:

Demco Properties looks beyond the current trends to create luxurious landmark developments that remain affordable yet highly desirable for the residential, commercial and retail marker.

The real measure of Demco Properties success lies in its strong foundation from which it continues to contribute to the development of Lebanon’s future.

Despite the tough circumstances, we promised not to waste time and we delivered on that promise by exceeding our clients ‘expectations!

This iconic mixed-used tower offers a secure and self-contained place to work, rest & play. It achieves affordability without compromising on quality, security, convenience, comfort or leisure.

Finally, FortyFour presents a real-estate buyer with a viable option that speaks to the heart and mind-offering joie de vivre and practicality at a manageable price.

FortyFour is composed of 43 external shops, 3 internal shops, 198 offices, 181 apartments that include 2 penthouses.

The project has an area of 54,000 sqm.

FortyFour is in partnership with M1 Group.

Standing 100 meters tall, at a height unrivalled by nearly buildings, Demco Tower views are unobstructed by surrounding buildings, taking your business to brand new heights.

Residents and visitors can look forward to a superior retail experience to complement their extraordinary living.

DTA is composed of 7 shops and 58 offices, DTB is composed of 1 shop and 74 apartments including a penthouse and DTC is composed of 12 shops and 90 offices.

Demco Towers A and B are fully owned by Demco Properties. Demco Tower C is co-owned in partnership with DRAG.

Demco Towers A & B have an area of 28,000 sqm.

Demco Towers C has an area of 11,000 sqm.


With a sleek and modern design, “ABRAJ” is a mid-sized luxury residential project located in the central of Jdeideh, Lebanon with an area of 40,000 sqm. Our 5-tower project of 15 floors each consists of 270 apartments of 122 sqm and 166 sqm.

The project “ABRAJ” is entirely owned by Demirdjian Group.

The name “RedRock” was inspired from the colossal red rocks that are located on site.

Red Maple trees with their brilliant red foliage: the highlight of his gorgeous scenery.

RedRock is composed of 19 blocs, each bloc in which several duplexes and simples can be found, for a total of around 200 chalets.

Located only 45 minutes away from Beirut and 2 minutes away from the ski slopes, this project is the first ecofriendly village that offers 80% green areas, a bio farm, renewable energy and a water treatment, along with all types of natural activities (hiking, running, camping….).

The project has an area of 21,000 sqm.

RedRock is fully owned by Demco Properties.


STARCO is a major landmark building that owns 40,000 sqm of traditional office building in Beirut Downtown. Its activity includes renting retail and office spaces. The Demirdjian Group, one of its shareholders, manages all operations of STARCO.

Demco Steel is the first and sole ISO 9001:2015 certified steel trader in Lebanon.

The management system of Demco Steel Industries s.a.l. has been assessed and certified for meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 on all types of steel activities in their scope of work.