Our Services


Demco Steel was the first steel industry in Lebanon to provide coil leveling and cut-to-length services. Over the past 30 years, we have developed a thorough understanding of this line of work.

Demco Steel’s leveling lines include 5 cut-to-length machines. Our machines can operate on Cold Rolled Coils as thin as 0.3mm, and on Hot Rolled coils as thick as 15mm. We straighten and cut Galvanized Coils as well.

All of our machines operate at a production speed of 50 linear meters per minute.
We embrace technology and stays abreast of latest developments of machinery.
In 2012, Demco Steel invested in a new leveling line to upgrade and maintain its products quality.
Our standard sheet dimensions are 1000×2000, 1250×2500, 1500×3000 and 2000×6000 m.
Other sheet lengths are available upon request.

Demco Steel is the first and sole ISO 9001:2015 certified steel trader in Lebanon.

The management system of Demco Steel Industries s.a.l. has been assessed and certified for meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 on all types of steel activities in their scope of work.